Liz Darhansoff began her career on the publicity and promotion side of publishing, first at Atheneum and then at Random House. She spent two years as an agent with ICM and founded the Liz Darhansoff Literary Agency in 1975. The agency quickly earned a reputation among publishers for its select list of quality writers.

Chuck Verrill joined the agency in 1989 after ten years as an editor at Viking Penguin. With his experience in general interest nonfiction and suspense, he expanded the agency’s profile.

Michele Mortimer, who manages serial rights at the agency, has begun taking on new clients and keeps the rest of us honest with her sharp editorial eye.

Catherine Luttinger, is looking for work that falls into the ever- broadening category of Science Fiction & Fantasy. That includes hard science fiction, space operas, first contact (and beyond), near future, high-tech, and speculative (both historical and futuristic). Anything that examines the future repercussions of contemporary issues– for example: peak oil, high tech, extreme weather, climate change, genetics, gaming, the internet and cyberspace, politics, and religion. 

Eric Amling, coordinates our relationships with foreign subagents and handles the day-to-day operations.